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Part One: You can’t work forever…

February 27, 2020

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” 

— Warren Buffett

Don’t get me wrong – I love to work – and I think we all should work in some capacity – but let’s get to a place of freedom – to where we can work on our own terms.

This is 1 of 5 in a series: designed is to help anyone trying to break free from the cycle of paycheck to paycheck living – or working for “the man.” This is for the family that has no margin! Who wants to help their kids launch into the world, but doesn’t see how it will happen. For the ones who want to get out of the rat race… this is for you!

  1. How Real Estate Investing (REI) pays you in the short term (the What, and Who is this for?)
  2. How Real Estate Investing pays you in the long term (for me, this is a major part of the Why REI Investing?)
  3. The 101 of running the business (financing, property management, financial management). (…the How do I do this?)
  4. Ways to grow or leverage your business (and Where do I start?)
  5. But, “When do I act?” Your best next step… depending on where you are at

Ok – let’s get started.

How Real Estate Investing (REI) pays you in the short term (the What, and Who is this for?)

Investing in real estate is straight forward. Owning and operating a four-plex – is not rocket science. You already know this business really – because you’ve always lived in housing. Maybe you’ve rented at some point – or maybe you’ve owned at some point. You have already experienced the basics – and the basics are – provide clean, safe, affordable housing – and people will pay you each month for it. You can do this. I can help you. Yes there are some pitfalls – but they are avoidable. The rewards are worth the risks, read on.

In essence – investing in real estate is putting in your input – time and capital (money) – and earning a return in the form of cash in your account. We talk about “cash flow” as the amount of cash you can receive each month from your investment.

What is so amazing about investing in real estate – is that if you have a decent credit score and a decent and consistent job – you can likely qualify to become an owner of investment property –> launching yourself upon the path of financial freedom. This is taking advantage of leverage. Put this way – nobody else will loan you, at low interest rates no less, hundreds of thousands of dollars to start your own business. For five or ten thousand dollars – you can change your life.

So what exactly do I mean?

Warren Buffett

Here –> Let’s assume you are paying $1250 a month on rent right now. But you are determined to own your financial future through real estate investing. So, I help you find a great deal on a fourplex for $400,000. Average rents in this building are $1,000 per month. You live in one of the apartments and rent out the other three. Your total monthly costs to operate your business may be around $2000 for the loan payment, and another $1000 for things like property taxes and utility costs. So now your monthly out of pocket costs are nothing ($3,000 in rent in, $3,000 in expenses out).

The difference becomes powerful. Before you spent $1,250 a month on rent ($15,000 a year). But you did not own anything under your feet. Now you own an asset. And because you are not paying rent – you should be able to save that $15,000 per year. You are building your equity in the property. If you pay that mortgage off – say in 30 years – and rents double in that time (typical) – your monthly cash flow is possibly $5,000 per month on just one building. That is the power of making a small move today.

Could an extra $15,000 a year in your pocket benefit you and your family? Maybe you’d use some of it to help your kids with vocational training or college. Maybe you’d use some of it to take your significant other out for a trip to Kona, Hawai’i. Hopefully you’d save most of it up so you can buy another property!

Now, is there work involved? Yes. Is this for everyone? No. Investing in real estate like this is for those that are willing to work a little harder to get ahead. Those that desire to influence their own future. Who believe in the power of investing today for a better tomorrow. Is that you? I hope so!

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