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About Jamie

Things About Me

Hello! Thank you for taking a few minutes to get to know me – I’ll look forward to the chance to learn more about you. Fill in the “contact me” page and let’s grab some coffee!

— Jamie Rose
  1. I’m married! Erica is my amazing wife, and we are celebrating 10 years of being married this summer! (2008 was the Summer of Love) Marrying this beautiful, intelligent, creative, disciplined, driven, loving, faithful, and generous woman was the best investment I can ever claim to have made.

2. I LOVE being outdoors. Ever since I was five and we lived in Angoon – I have loved being among trees, or down by the ocean, or mountainside since I can remember. Our new home in Anchorage is a major blessing for us – as it allows us to enjoy the outdoors daily!

3. I am committed to following Jesus’ life and example. The greatest investment ever placed in me – was when the God who created me – gave his son for me! I am GRATEFUL for the life given to me; each breath is a gift – and I try to live from that belief more each day. The first 10+ years out of college for me were spent serving youth and young adult ministry through an Alaskan non-profit ministry: Covenant Youth of Alaska (

4. I am a big fan of COFFEE. We drink coffee, and we like it a lot. Coffee for us is a chance to slow down – to connect with others- to visit (ok, and sometimes to wake up!). We love all the local shops in Alaska has. Go to: Black Cup for drip – SteamDot for cappuccino.

5. I am an INVESTOR! In the 2nd Grade – I got to participate in a special session teaching us about Mutual Funds – in middle school I invested my lawn mowing cash into mutual funds – I’d come home from school and call in the 1-800 number to hear how they closed at the end of the day – then go down the hall to our old IBM PC to plug the numbers into an Excel spreadsheet and see how we’d done that day. I was hooked on the idea of financial independence. I studied Finance and earned a Business & Economics B.S. from North Park University in this vein – and am excited to bring a broader financial and economic perspective to my clients as an advisor in their home / and investment property decisions!

6. I love ALASKA. We are grateful to have called Unalakleet home for a season – and to have family and friends there today. Whether it is angling for silvers in UNK,picking blueberries in Kotzebue, camping in Seldovia, or dreaming of the tall trees in Angoon or Haines – we love the village life – and the beautiful people who have cared for them through generations.

7. I’ve seen the value of hard work and living below your means – and investing in a 4plex. My parents are amazing examples of this for me. I am often encouraging hard working Alaskans to consider making their next or first home purchase – one that helps pay for itself. Is a fourplex the reason my parents are at their condo in Hawai’i right now for the third time this year? It strongly factors in.

8. Food. All I will say is: salmon, sushi, Swedish meatballs, nachos, and repeat! My wife is a legit cook, and I am working on expanding my skills beyond nachos.

9. Home= love. We are recharged at home. This could be a long one – but I’ll probably write another post or link to one Erica may write. Let me just say – it is a certified Happy Place for me! We can hike – make a fire – relax together – and let the kids play out. Just add friends for a glimpse of paradise.

10. I have amazing parents! My parents celebrate 40 years married this year! Erica’s mum and dad aren’t so far behind! We are FORTUNATE to have generous, faithful, and loving parents. They are still showing us how to love – as they help us work on our problems, and raise our kids up right! We be blessed friends.

11. Oh Canada! Erica is from British Columbia – my mum’s mum was too! We love CANADA- and are glad we are neighbors up north! If we could live in two places at once, the other place would be B.C.

12. We keep a weekly day of REST as a healthy God given rhythm for life. That means each week we seek a 24hr period where we, “do no work.” Simple to say – harder to do at times. But – we’ve practiced this one long enough that it is finding a way into our bones – and weekly break from work really refreshes us and restores perspective and creativity and grace for others!

13. I am a Viking! Erica and I share a few pieces of background: 1) we met at University where the school’s mascot is the Viking (and I got to play soccer) 2) we come from families that celebrate their Swedish and Norwegian heritage 3) we love the ocean and 4) we love: limpa, lingon, lefse, and lox (Swedish rye bread, low-bush cranberries, potato based pancake, and smoked salmon).

14. I love the good life. For us, this means to have a clear conscience, and time with the ones we love. Being able to put our feet up after working hard all week – and to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Add some friends and food in the mix – and we are a happy bunch!

15. I am an advisor – I love when I can bring others great guidance on their journey towards the good life. To use what I’ve been shown and discovered – towards building a base of financial strength. To help those who are hard working get ahead – through the opportunity to invest in their selves and their family’s future. Does that sound like you or someone you know? Let’s talk!

16. I am a lifelong LEARNER. I LOVE newspapers – good books – great conversations – meeting new people, all to learn new & interesting things. I am constantly exploring new frontiers in real estate and investments – and am thrilled to have the chance now to pursue this passion fully – and to bring those near me along for the ride! Let me share with you what I’ve learned!

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About Me

About Me


Hi! Welcome to my Alaska real estate website: Jamie Rose Invested, a place for education, empowerment, and resourcing – investing in your today and your tomorrow! Read More


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